Looking for a Northampton student job or supermarket jobs? Check this out

We understand just how much pressure is on students these days. Not only are they expected to get top grades on their course, while attending hours of lectures, labs and practical modules, but they've also got lots of studying to do after school while also trying to pay their rent, food bills and have some money left over for the obligatory partying that all students are supposed to do at weekends.

This can be quite a big ask, and it's understandable that many students feel completely overwhelmed when it comes to exam time. Fortunately there are plenty of resources out there for anyone looking for a Northampton student job or supermarket jobs, and we've uncovered the best of them.

e4s.co.uk was founded back in 2000 after the introduction of tuition fees by the government at the time. With things already tight for students, now they were forced to contemplate years worth of debt when they finished their course, something that was turning many people away from further education.

Of course, we know that in order to get the best job possible it's essential to have a degree at the very least, but the fact that student loans can prove to be so damaging later on in life gives many people pause for thought. E4S ensures that Britain's students have plenty of choice available to them when it comes to looking for part time work in order to ease the financial burden.

In the Northampton area there are plenty of jobs available for students, but in particular we recommend you focus on some of the major retail outlets to speed up your search if you can't find anything on E4S;

  • Morrisons, 26 Victoria Promenade
  • Iceland, 14 St Peters Square
  • Sainsburys, 15 Princes Walk
  • Waitrose, 11 Kingsthorpe Centre


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