Where to look for north west jobs in the UK

North West England covers a wide and diverse geographical area: from the agriculture and tourism of Cumbria and rural Lancashire, to the urban conurbations of Liverpool and Manchester, to the traditional industrial towns such as Burnley and Wigan, there is a host of opportunities on offer for job seekers.

Make sure that your CV is updated, and contains crucial information such as your contact details and two references, if possible.

Job seekers should also ensure that certificates for any qualifications are available, and that their CV is tailored in each case to reflect the specific job for which they are applying.

Local Press

Traditional media such as the local paper are still invaluable when it comes to looking for a job. The North West is blessed with a huge range of local papers, from the very local to the regional.

The Manchester Evening News and the Liverpool Echo are the two major titles in the region, providing vacancies for Greater Manchester and Merseyside respectively. Job seekers in specific towns should be looking at titles like the Lancashire Evening Telegraph, which caters for Blackburn and Burnley, and the Wigan Evening Post, for example.

Almost every town in the North West has a local paper, and job seekers should be able to find a copy in their newsagents. The vast majority of papers also have online editions, which usually have a specific jobs page, often allowing job seekers to manage their applications online.

Local Government

One of the largest employers in the North West remains local government and public service work. Local councils provide a range of opportunities, from manual or maintenance trade work right through to social care and education.

Councils advertise their vacancies in the local press, but also publish vacancies online on their own official websites.

The North West is divided into several different regions for administrative purposes, though the biggest local government bodies are the city councils in Manchester and Liverpool. Details of their vacancies can be found at Manchester.gov.uk and at Liverpool.gov.uk.

Cumbria County Council lists its vacancies at Cumbria.gov.uk, and the details of other regional councils can be found simply enough with an internet search.

Agencies & Websites

Employment agencies can be a useful place to look for North West jobs. UK wide agencies also often advertise more regional vacancies on their websites.

One agency which covers a large part of the North West, as well as a massive range of job types, is Bluefire of Manchester, situated at Imex House in Princess Street. Job seekers closer to Liverpool could perhaps try Workforce, which has been established since 1974 and has offices across Merseyside.

There are also a whole host of national agencies which operate websites allowing potential applicants to look at a range of jobs in the North West. Examples of national agencies include Reed, Kelly Services and Top Gear Recruitment.

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