How to find North East jobs

If you've started your search for employment, you'll have already discovered that north east jobs aren't particularly easy to find at the moment. According to a report by the Trade Union Congress (TUC), there are as many as 20 people for every vacancy in Middlesborough. Even in the better performing areas, such as Sunderland, there are still an average of 6 applicants per vacancy. The good news is that unemployment has fallen to under 10% in your area.

If you want to stand out from the crowd in what is clearly a very competitive job market, you're going to need a great CV. Your application must be specifically tailored to the position you're applying for and not be overly general. It should also be free from spelling and grammatical errors. Although applying for jobs in the North East is a numbers game, there's no substitute for quality.

If you haven't already registered with recruitment agencies in the north east you should do so. The largest agencies include Reed, Pertemps, Manpower and Hayes. If you have a specialist skill, such as accounting, you should also register with agencies that have specific expertise in dealing with this sector. For example, Robert Half International deals specifically financial companies.

While there's little doubt that agencies make the process of applying for work in the North East a lot easier, they do add to the cost of recruitment. It's relatively easy to identify medium and large employers in your area on Yell.com. If you can source your own vacancies, you not only reduce the cost of employment, you also reduce the amount of competition you face per vacancy.

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