Noonan Security IE Jobs Available in Ireland

Noonan.ie provides a comprehensive range of facility services to locations in the UK, Northern Ireland and Ireland. Their client list stands at over 1500, including some recognisable and well-known brands and businesses. Noonan provide a range of cleaning and security services to their clients, and there are a number of Noonan Security IE jobs available in Ireland at the moment.

The Noonan security services list includes Static Security services, Mobile Patrol Security services, Fire Services and Fire Consultancy. They also provide CCTV and Monitoring services, along with Access Control. Noonan staff are also assigned to provide Crisis Prevention services and Health & Safety Training Consultancy.

Those who are employed by Noonan in a security capacity may be assigned to any of these roles, depending on training levels and capability. The most common security roles availble to applicants are generally mobile patrol security and static security services. Those who are employed in a mobile patrol capacity are provided with a company van with which to conduct their patrols. Depending on the agreement with the client, security officers may conduct their patrols alone or with coworkers. They will generally be provided with a list of premises to visit which they must then patrol on a regular basis, usually at night.

If you are interested in applying for Noonan Security IE jobs in Ireland, you can find further information at noonan.ie/careers. Noonan operate a continuous recruitment process and encourage applications from suitable candidates at all times, even if no vacancies are being advertised.

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