Interested in night work Tesco Killarney jobs in Ireland?

As one of the major employers in the whole of Ireland, Tesco have quickly grown an excellent reputation for the quality of their recruitment and staff training policies since they moved to Ireland some years back. Now employing thousands of people throughout the country, they represent an excellent choice for many people seeking a challenging and constantly evolving career in the retail industry.

Due to the nature of their work, and the fact that their customers demand the very highest quality from their stores at all times, many Tesco stores operate during the night in order to ensure that everything is ready for customers first thing in the morning. There are many night work Tesco Killarney jobs in Ireland available for those of you based in or around the Kerry town who fancy something a little different from the traditional nine to five job.

The reason night work is such an attractive proposition for many people is that it means they can have their afternoons and evenings free to do as they please. Although it rules out socialising at night time during work days, night time work can prove to be a great remedy for those sick of the day to day rigours of traditional work.

In Tesco Killarney, there are a number of excellent employment opportunities available for night owls. These roles can include store security, stock taking, goods receiving management, cleaning and maintenance of warehouse and stock rooms.

Wages start at around €8.40 per hour, and can increase up to as much as €17.50 per hour for management positions. In order to keep up to date with the latest store vacancies, keep your eye on tesco.ie/careers for more information.

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