What skills are needed for night shift work?

Most people work during the daytime but night shift work presents a variety of opportunities. Here we provide a list of skills particular to working ‘after hours’.


With night jobs you are far more likely to find yourself in a position where you are working either as part of a small team, or alone. Your employer will expect you to accept responsibility. Management tend to delegate night work while they remain safely tucked up in bed. They’ll appreciate staff who can willingly get on with tasks, under minimal supervision, and who can react promptly to situations themselves.

Work ethic

Away from the daily bustle, it might be perceived that nightshift workers don’t have to work as hard as their 9 to 5 counterparts. Unseen by the general public, surely they are far likelier to find opportunities to avoid hard grafting? Of course, this is a ridiculous assumption. Any employer will expect his staff to pay meticulous attention to their duties, regardless if they are doing so when it’s dark outside!

Time management

Entering a timescale that is ‘out of kilter’ with the majority is challenging, but rewarding. You’ll need to adapt to socialising at odd times and might well develop a new network of friends.

When you have to travel to workplaces late in the evening, you’ll be faced with restricted bus or train services. You’ll have to make allowances for severely restricted transport services. On the plus side, if you drive to work, you’ll virtually have the highway to yourself!


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