5 of the best night shift vacancies

Not everyone's body clock is suited to a 9-5. If you find it hard getting to sleep at night and struggle to get up in the morning then perhaps a night shift vacancies could be for you. The following are some night jobs to consider...

Healthcare jobs

Most types of healthcare jobs require night staff - ranging from doctors and nurses to nursing assistants and paramedics. Night shifts are usually better paid for these professions.

Hospitality jobs

In the hospitality industry there are plenty of night job opportunities. With many bars open 24 hours there are often jobs for bartenders and bouncers. Lots of restaurants are also open late and there are opportunities for cooks, kitchen hands and waiting staff.


Security and night caretakers are always in demand. Most employers require that you have a security licence. The duties for this kind of job vary but usually include night patrols and general security duties.


Night nannies generally start their shift at 2pm and work until around 10pm. They are higher paid than day nannies and this is mainly due to the added responsibilities at night such as dinner, baths and getting children ready for bed. Many night nannies are required by families with a disabled child who need extra assistance.

Taxi drivers

There is always a demand for taxi drivers so if you have a full clean licence it is definitely worth considering. The rates of pay are better for doing the night shift and there is usually a steady flow of fares.


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