Fantastic night security jobs in London

There are many night security jobs available in London. Although many sectors in the economy have experienced job cuts with both public and private sectors taking the pain, one area of the economy that is booming is the security industry.

To get a job in the security industry you must obtain a Security Industry Authority (SIA) Licence in order to work as a Security Officer. You can achieve this qualification in many centres throughout the United Kingdom. Once you receive your SIA licence you are eligible to start work in the security sector and commence a job as a night security officer.

There are numerous positions available for night security positions and these positions can be found in local papers, recruitment websites and local job centres where the staff are very useful and friendly in helping you to secure a position.

One such website jobisjob.co.uk advertises a night security position available to someone for a 12-hour shift, 13-days a month for a well established publishing company in the heart of London.

Duties will include ensuring the security of the building, carrying out internal and external patrols to ensure a safe and secure environment, monitoring and responding to to alarm system activations. This job is a permanent position and offers a salary of 18k per annum.

If you are more of a night owl or just considering a change of career a job as a night security officer could be the job for you. Is it a booming sector and there and many positions to choose from until you find a job that suits you. So why not get your SIA licence and apply today?

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