Are night jobs better than day jobs?

The 'graveyard shift' has nothing but negative connotations, but there are some real advantages to night work. In face, many people - including those who have or have had night jobs - would argues that they actually have a lot of advantages over day jobs. Here we look at three major benefits of night work...

Better pay

Nights jobs generally pay better than day jobs. As most people want to work 9-5 day jobs, there's a high demand for night staff. Companies will attract night workers with high wages, often offering time-and-a-half and sometimes even double time. This can really add up - particularly if you are working long shifts.

Less stressful

Most industries will be less busy at night time. Service and retail industries receive most of their business during the day time, so night workers will have to deal with a lower level of stress. Workers are often more productive and find it easier to get tasks done. You're also likely to have more freedom than daytime workers, who's every moves are often monitored by a supervisor.

Better hours?

Night shifts are often 12 hours long (and some are even longer than that), so it's likely that you'll have 3 days off every week. Even if you factor in the unsocial sleeping hours, you'll have more free time and a better work/life balance. Not everyone's body clocks are the same and a 6am bedtime might seem normal to some! You're also likely to have more time in the evening to spend with your family.


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