Finding the best possible NI jobs part time

Living in Northern Ireland and starting the slog towards finding yourself a job? It doesn't have to be a slog you know, there are plenty of websites out there offering some brilliant opportunities in NI jobs part time right now, and in this blog, we're going to take a good look at them.

For a part of the UK with such a small population, there are quite a few jobs in Northern Ireland that need filling. The UK government is one of the largest employers in the region, and their website for NI recruitment at nicsrecruitment.gov.uk is always worth a look. This site contains plenty of jobs fit for both graduates and unskilled workers alike, and it is updated with new posts every single day.

Helpfully, through looking at this site, we also found an excellent resource for making yourself more "employable" in Northern Ireland, and that site is guide-to-nireland.com/jobs.htm. It basically delivers a guide to how to make yourself a much more attractive proposition to employers in northern Ireland so you can snag your dream job.

Another site well worth checking out for Northern Ireland jobs is nijobs.com. This website is tailored specifically for job openings in the province of Ulster, and if you don't mind a commute then it also contains some jobs in Monaghan and Donegal, which both sit right on your doorstep!

No matter what type of role you seek, all you'll require on your Northern Ireland job search is a little patience and you'll find the role you need!

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