NHS job interview: questions and answers

The NHS job interview questions and answers you need to prepare for your interview will largely depend on the position you are applying for. Hospital support staff will be asked very different questions to nurses, and GPs will be asked very different questions to trust managers. However NHS interview panels tend to ask a number of "standard" interview questions that are common right across the board. Here we talk you through those questions and offer some advice for answering them...

Tell us a bit about yourself.

This is the most common opener for NHS job interview questions. Although it seems like a casual question, you should answer it as professionally as possible. Refer exclusively to your education history and professional experience, and also discuss your career ambitions and the reasons why you applied for this job.

How could you make efficiency savings?

This is a hot topic in the NHS, and this question can be tricky if you don't fully understand the role. It's therefore important to thoroughly research the role, and its duties and responsibilities. The panel want to know what you as an individual could do to make cuts, rather than your department or the Trust as a whole. Make it clear that efficiency savings are always on your mind, but not to the extent that you compromise on patient care.

Do you have any specialisms?

Many professions within the NHS can have specialisms. This is one area that can set you apart from the competition. Be passionate about your specialism and be prepared to discuss it in detail.


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