NHS Grampian vacancies available in a range of careers

There are 17,000 employees within NHS Grampian, each carrying out various roles with a range of responsibilities. All NHS Grampian job vacancies are advertised on their online recruitment web page and there are jobs available for both external and internal candidates.

The NHS Grampian Board was established in 2004, when two NHS trusts were amalgamated. NHS Grampian is one of fourteen health boards in Scotland and serves half a million people in the region. NHS Grampian has close links with the University of Aberdeen and Robert Gordon University to enhance medical research.

NHS Grampian job vacancies include support staff Audio Typists, and manual staff a Lead Gardener. There is also a large range of medical and clinical support job vacancies available as Consultants, Podiatrists and Dental Nurses. All NHS Grampian vacancies have their own pay grades, from Band 1 to Band 7.  Band 1 grade pay is £14,258 to £14,614 per annum. Band 7 grade pay is £30,460 to £40,157 per annum.

If you were interested in any of the NHS Grampian vacancies, you can submit your application online or by post. Being employed within NHS Grampian comes with benefits, such as a pension scheme and substantial annual leave. If you have children, you will have the benefit of being able to use one of three NHS Grampian day nurseries. Although you pay for child care, there is also help available via a subsidised scheme. Staff discounts are also available, which can be found within the staff directory which you are given upon employment.

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