Find the NG16 jobs that are right for you

While the Nottingham area hasn't been quite as badly affected by the recession as many regions of the United Kingdom, things have still been quite tough for many residents over the past three years or so. This means that the search for work has taken on a whole new level of importance. Unfortunately for job hunters, there are countless more people in the exact same boat, which has increased the level of interest in online job sites. These sites which once acted as fantastic resources to find countless jobs that suited your needs have now become frantic, desperate places where hundreds of people apply for any jobs they can find in the hope that they can get back into the work force.

To avoid this madness, we recommend that all our readers use the excellent jobisjob.co.uk in order to conduct their online searches. This site cuts hours out of your job search time by allowing you to search for listings across all of the United Kingdom's most popular job sites with a single click.

However, despite how easy Job Is Job makes things, we recommend that you focus your job search on your local recruitment agencies instead. There are plenty of excellent agencies in the Nottingham are who can help place you in NG16 jobs that suit your requirements.

Most of the work is clerical, but in many cases you won't need any prior experience to start at an entry level position earning between £5.90 and £7.20 per hour. You'll get all the training you need on a "per job" basis, so once you're comfortable with computers you'll be fine.

We recommend you check out the following agencies to give yourself the best chance of finding the job you deserve:

Baker Ross Recruitment, Unit 1, Victoria Court, Nottingham

Kelly Services, Suite 403, The Atrium, 20 Wollaton Street, Nottingham

Accent Employment, 8 Trinity Walk, Nottingham

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