On the lookout for Newcastle part time jobs? Check this out

With the complete over-saturation of the full time job market that has come about due to the increased levels of unemployment across the whole of the United Kingdom in the last few years, the part time job market now represents one of the best opportunities for people to get themselves back into the workplace and earning money once again.

Regardless of the reasons for your search for Newcastle part time jobs, whether you're a student looking to pay their way through college, a new parent who doesn't want to be apart from their family for too long at a time, someone who already has a full time job but need additional income to make ends meet or someone who simply cannot commit to full time hours for whatever reason, there are plenty of potential opportunities available out there.

The bulk of these positions will come in the shape of entry level jobs in the retail sector. Throughout Newcastle there are many different shopping centres and supermarkets that are always on the lookout for part time staff to supplement their core team of full time employees. For the most part, these positions will pay in the region of £6.00 per hour, but that can vary depending on the employer and any previous experience you might have working in retail.

We recommend that you pay particular attention to the likes of The Royal Quays Outlet Centre, Eldon Square Shopping Centre and Monument Mall. As each of these shopping centres has dozens of different stores within them, you'll have plenty of options when it comes to searching for potential vacancies.


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