We check out the available Newcastle government municipal jobs

Are you a civic minded individual looking for a bit of a career change? If you live in the Newcastle area, then there are always a wide variety of jobs available at Newcastle government municipal jobs and applying for them couldn't be easier! In this blog, we are going to run through your options.

As one of the largest population centres in the entire UK, there is always a huge demand for jobs to be filled from Newcastle council. There are also a huge variety of roles that spring up, from teaching to simple road sweeping work, there is something to fill every possible skill set! To get a better idea of the current vacancies, all you need to do is log on to the Newcastle Council site at newcastle.gov.uk and click on the jobs tab.

As you would expect from a government site, the Newcastle Council site is an unbelievable resource for anyone looking to snare themselves a job, or even to undergo a bit of training to improve their future job prospects. You can apply for any available posts with the council online, by e-mail or by post, there's a careers advice expert available for one to one discussions which you can book, they have regular training sessions such as the ECDL (European Computer Driver's License) and there's even advice for the older worker looking to get back into a new job.

For anyone in the North East of England looking to snag a new job, we recommend checking out the Newcastle Council job site for a leg up on everyone else!


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