A new way to look for jobs - Personal sales letters

If you are in the market for new jobs, take note of how long or how many letters it takes for you to score an interview. Further this process by noting the conversion rate from job application letters to the successful job appointment letter. Could you compare notes with candidates (job applicants) like you? How do you rate?

Would you like to try a different way of doing things? Instead of sending the traditional CV with a cover letter, send a sales letter.

What is a sales letter?

The purpose

The purpose of a sales letter is to convert the reader into a buyer. In this case, the product is you. You want to convert the reader into your employer.

The anatomy

A sales letter starts with a headline. The text is laden with benefits (not features) of the product. It ends with a call to action. In this case, you want the reader to take the action of inviting you for a job interview.

Refer to some examples

Get a few sales letters or as many as you can, and start looking through the material. You can grab these off the internet or even out of your own mailbox.

Can I really use a sales letter to apply for a job?

First of all, it depends on your personality. Applying for a job with a sales letter tells of a bolder nature and someone who is willing to do things in a different way. This method can be used in almost any industry but the advertising industry is particularly good for this.

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