Securing a Nanny job in Newcastle Upon Tyne

As we all know, many parents juggle with their duties as well as concentrating with their careers, but there just does not seem to be enough time in the world! There are a lot of nanny jobs out there, where children need looking after when everybody else is busy.

Children need entertainment as well as constant care, rainy day activities can consist of dressing up and playing fictional characters. Board games and card games are also a good idea as children never get enough of them. Furthermore, nannies should also be able to organise outdoor activities, from picnic in the park as well as cultural adventures to the local museums and local library. Moreover, exercising is good for children, so swimming is a great excuse and fun to have a paddle in the pool (with parent’s permission of course)!

As well as playing, children love to cook too, which also has its educational aspects a they will learn how to use weights and measurements. This would be fun for them as well as having edible results (hopefully)!  Nannies should teach the children basic compulsory rules such as washing their hands and maybe putting on an apron so that their clothes do not get dirty. Remember, the more organised you are the less chance there is for the children to create a big mess.

There are many websites where children’s cooking recipes can be found; a popular one is BBC where you can click on links such as “cooking with children.” This will not only keep the children interested but they will also be able to relate to the website, gaining knowledge in an enjoyable way without even realising it is educational. Fun and learning at the same time!

Near the end of the evening, avoid activities which involve a lot of running around and energy. If the children are not tired, then taking them out for a walk will get rid of any energy they still have left. Warm milk and bed time stories are the ultimate old trick to end a day in a calm and soothing way. CBeebies website has some good bed time stories if you run out of ideas. Remember that children under the age of four need a nap at some time during the day as they require more sleep.

So, what are you waiting for? If you have a passion for looking after children then this is the job for you!

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