Find the best nanny jobs in London

For the best-paid and most prestigious nanny jobs, London offers some of the finest opportunities. With a high concentration of wealthy families requiring live-in nannies, the capital is the obvious choice for childcare professionals looking to further their career. There is a high turnover of nanny jobs, so qualified applicants have a good chance of finding the right opening.

Agencies smooth the path

For many nanny jobs in London, an agency is the sensible place to start. Agencies like The London Nanny Service, Peekaboo Childcare, Tinies and Simply Angelic can be the most straightforward way of finding a first post for newcomers.

Don't get too excited about the name of the Royal Nannies agency. It is unlikely to be able to land you that dream job as William and Kate's nanny of choice, although they do recruit nannies for royalty, showbiz celebrities and top executives.

There are also numerous websites where it is possible to peruse oportunities and to upload a CV with all the details of your qualifications and nannying experience so that employers can contact you directly. This is one way of avoiding agency fees.

For decades, the English aristocracy have been recruiting their nannies through the classified recruitment section in The Lady magazine. Aristocracy being fairly stuck in their ways, the magazine has yet to surrender all its status to online alternatives. The magazine remains a must-read for any nannies aspiring to a post with London's upper-class families.

Once established on the informal nanny network, many nannies find that they hear about new openings through word-of-mouth or personal recommendation, so make a point of befriending the other nannies in the park.

Brush up your languages

Increasingly, some of the best-paid nanny jobs in London are for wealthy foreign families. If you have a grasp of Russian, Arabic or Mandarin, it could well be the decisive factor in landing that prized job with foreign billionaires. When applying for jobs, make a point of emphasising any skills or attributes that will set you apart from other nannies.

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