Nanny jobs: how to win over the parents

Nanny jobs demand your attention as well as your emotions. At some point you are bound to fall in love with the children you are taking care of. No matter how difficult they might be, your being in relation with them will draw you to them.

It is important to remember that no matter how much you love the kids, their parents are paying for your services. Here are some ways you can help improve your relationship with your employer (a.k.a. the parents).

Share stories. Every time a parent is in the room, be sure to greet them first and foremost. Busy parents do wish they would spend most of their day with the family, so help them relieve their own stress by telling them stories about the children. If there are any significant developments, they'll be more than happy to hear about them. Be mindful of good things you can share with them when they get home. You'll be doing them a favour.

Respect their discipline philosophy. You may not agree with how they choose to raise their children, but remember, you're just their nanny. In however way they choose to discipline the children, your duty is to support. Ask questions if you don't understand the limits so that you can see eye-to-eye on the subject matter.

Allow them to be the experts. Like we said, their house, their children, their rules. You might disagree with particular matters, but allow the parents to be the experts. They might not be around their children as much as you are, but allow them to know their kids better than you do. Hold back on your opinions as well as judgement.

Know your limits. If you feel like there may be a problem with any of the children you are taking care of, be sure not to add to the parents' stress. They want feedback, not particularly your advise. If they ask, then you can share with them what you think. It's also important to remember that no matter how close you may feel to the family, they are still your employers. Keep the air of professionalism.

Thank them for feedback. Feedback may or may not be pleasing. It is good, however, to thank your employer for any form of feedback that they give you. It will help you improve as well.


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