Discover a range of museum jobs in the UK

Maybe it's the tranquility or the relaxing surroundings, but museum jobs in the UK remain among the most coveted employment opportunities. Jobs can be scarce, but openings range from curatorial positions to gift shop retail staff. You might even fancy donning a uniform and glaring at people who are getting a little too hands-on with the exhibits.

Get qualified

Qualifications are still a vital access route to landing museum jobs in the UK. In such a competitive field, every exam passed offers an advantage. Most museum professionals have at least an undergraduate degree in a relevant subject like social history, art history or archaeology. Many then take a postgraduate museum studies professional qualification.

Some larger museums offer their own graduate training programmes. The Victoria and Albert Museum in London takes on graduates and trains them as curators over the course of five years work experience, academic study and personal research.

One increasingly successful avenue into museum jobs is through a grasp of technology, Museums are dragging themselves into the 21st century and there is an increasing emphasis on digital access to archives and information. If you have the requisite technical skills it can help fast-track you into a museum job.

Never underestimate the importance of being in the right place at the right time. Enquire about an internship or volunteer work at a local museum. At a time of extensive budget cuts for museums, volunteers are invariably welcomed. Even a part-time job in the cafe or gift shop will help make the right contacts and will give you early notice of upcoming vacancies

It's not about the money

Museum jobs in the UK are not exactly a way to get rich quick. A director of a nationally-prestigious museum or gallery might expect to make a decent salary, but otherwise pay day is rarely the highlight of a museum worker's existence. Entry-level jobs start around £12,000 a year and even experienced museum professionals won't earn much moe than £30,000 annually.

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