Most in demand jobs UK 2014 – 2015 projection

The UK Shortage Occupation List is the best place to look for a list of the most in demand jobs in the UK at this time. This is government approved list that’s made available to overseas employees looking for work in the UK. The current list is full of engineering positions, roles for medical practitioners, social workers, dancers, musicians and graphic designers. The full list can be accessed through gov.uk. Working out the most in demand jobs in the UK 2014 – 2015 projection is difficult but it starts with a more detailed look at that list.
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There are 52 different types of engineer sought after on the list. Job titles like: Civil Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Chemical Engineer, Design and Development Engineer, Production and Process Engineer, Planning and quality control engineer, aerospace engineer and even nuclear engineer are listed as roles in demand in the UK for 2014 and 2015.

Civil engineering

The most in demand civil engineers include: Geotechnical Design Engineers, Geotechnical Specialists, Reservoir Panel Engineers, Rock Mechanics, Soil Mechanics Engineers, Geomechanics Engineers, Mining Geotechnical Engineers, Mining and Coal Engineers, Wells Engineers, Tunnelling Engineers, Petroleum Engineers, Drilling Engineers, Completions Engineers, Fluids Engineers, Reservoir Engineers and Offshore and Subsea Engineers.


This is another area that calls for qualified staff so you’ll need the required accreditation in order to get one of these in demand healthcare positions: General Medical Practitioner, Social Worker, Nurse, Radiographer, Biological Scientist or Biochemist.

Arts and entertainment

You’d be very surprised to read that Britain has a shortage of entertainers, but according to the list that’s the case. There are 20 unique roles needed on this part of the list, most of which are in supporting or teaching roles like Dance Choreographer or Music Teacher.

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