Think your job is bad? We look at some of the most dangerous jobs around

Despite the fact that most of us love to complain about our jobs, the truth is that the majority of us work in relatively safe environments. Yes, you might find your job boring at times, but compared to some of the most dangerous jobs in the world, it's likely that your role is a walk in the park!

How dangerous is dangerous?

Obviously there aren't exactly huge numbers of potentially life endangering jobs out there, but there are plenty that can prove harmful if they aren't treated with the proper care and attention.

A real livewire!

Working with electricity is something that electricians up and down the country do every single day. But did you know that there are a special breed of electricians who work exclusively on power lines hundreds of feet above the ground? Not only do these guys have to deal with the potentially fatal drop below them, but they're working with live power lines at all times!

The heat is on!

Firemen are among the most under-appreciated members of our society. Not only do they spend their days dousing raging fires, but they also have to put their own lives in danger regularly to save those of others. It might seem like a glamorous role due to some recent TV shows, but when it comes to the most dangerous jobs it's right up there with the rest.

Ride the wave

Coast guards are certainly up there with the bravest workers in the United Kingdom in our books. Not only do they have to brave the weather during the long, dark winter months, but they also have to get out there in raging seas in order to keep people safe.

But the winner is...

You really can't talk about the most dangerous jobs out there without mentioning those who work in the bomb squad. These highly trained professionals have it in their minds at all times that even the most minuscule mistake could result in their death, the death of their whole team and potentially millions of pounds worth of damage to the local area.

Thankfully they don't seem to be needed all that much these days, but if ever there was a job that needed real balls of steel, this is it!

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