Morrisons jobs in the North

Up until 2004, Morrisons primarily operated in the north of the UK with 72 of its major stores located in the north and a further 75 in the Midlands. They have since expanded to the south and other areas of the UK, in places such as Greater London and even in Scotland, but they still own over 130 stores in the North and Midlands. Morrisons jobs in the north can be found at any of these stores, but with any retail vacancies it really depends on the available positions in each store and what kind of qualifications you have to apply.

You can find any kind of job in Morrisons, from head office to driving vans. Most of their depots are also located in the north so if you're interested in a warehouse of van driving position you're likely to find one there, too. You can apply for vacancies in:

  • Head office roles, such as finance, marketing, security, IT, retail operations, store development, trading or technical trading.
  • Logistics in their distribution centres (most centres are located in Wakefield, their central location, Gadbrook, Northampton and Stockton).
  • Manufacturing, which deals with the production of local UK produce (vacancies are available across the UK, including the north and midlands).
  • In store jobs from till workers to butchers and security personnel.

You can also apply for new Morrisons jobs in the north by looking for recent store openings. Normally, large retail chains offer around 50 jobs per store opening, more for larger supermarkets. Areas with new Morrisons stores in the north are:

  • Accrington
  • Bolton
  • Salford
  • Bolton
  • Newton le Willows


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