Is moonlighting for you?

Moonlighting basically means working a second (usually part time) job in addition to your standard day job. It can be an appealing option for anyone who wants to make some extra cash, whether to fund a purchase, clear debts or bolster your savings. However before you commit to a second job, consider these questions.

Would moonlighting interfere with your regular job?

The last thing you want to do is to jeopardise your career by letting your standards slip. Moonlighting can be very demanding - both mentally and physically - and this can have an adverse impact on your performance at work. Your boss won't be pleased to hear you've been working in a nightclub to 2am every night his week! In addition, it may be hard to avoid the hours of the two jobs overlapping - so think carefully about all aspects of the moonlighting job before you accept.

How many hours can you commit to?

An eight hour bar shift on a Saturday evening may be a great way to fund your social life the rest of the week, but a twenty five hour per week part time job will probably be far too much for anyone with a full time job. Set a limit based on your own commitments and circumstances and don't consider any job that asks for more than this.

What are your other commitments?

Are you studying? Do you have children or a partner? What are your hobbies and interests? Don't neglect these considerations when looking for moonlighting jobs - the extra cash probably won't be worth making yourself miserable or stressed.

How much can you earn with the moonlighting job?

Although it might be a less exciting option, overtime at your day job may be a more cost effective solution to your cash flow needs. You should also consider the time you'll need to get ready and to travel to and from work - will the money you earn be worth it?

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