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We know that the search for work is something that you want to get over and done with as quickly as possible, which is why we have compiled this guide to showing you the best practices involved in finding new Monmouth jobs in Monmouthshire. Since the job market is so competitive at the moment, there are a number of things that it will really help you to know as you try to get back into the workforce.

While your gut instinct may be to take a look at the online job sites, we recommend that you keep your time spent in front of a computer in this manner to an absolute minimum. With so many people currently out of work across the United Kingdom, we're finding that it is increasingly difficult for people to have any success in their online job search.

So, rather than using the internet, we recommend that you first identify the major areas of employment in the Monmouthshire region and then check out the potential for vacancies in person.

Since the majority of work in the area seems to be going to people interested in working in the retail sector, we recommend that you place the majority of your focus on that particular industry. Even if you've got no experience working in retail, you should be able to pick things up quickly. Entry level positions are usually as a cashier or stacking shelves and pay around £5.93 to £6.20 per hour.

With so many stores to choose from it can be hard to narrow things down, so we recommend calling into each of the stores on our list below and enquiring about the availability of work;

  • Somerfield, Oldway Centre, Monno Street
  • Waitrose, 110-114 Monnow Street
  • B&S Stores, 29 Park Road, Berryhill
  • Cost Cutter, New Road, Coleway
  • Safeway, 1 Station Street

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