The Great Scam- making money at home packing envelopes

Can you make money at home packing envelopes? There are numerous websites online that claim you can make money packing envelopes. They claim that many companies require people to stuff envelopes full of promotional material, invoices and many other documents and that you can earn money by doing these tedious tasks for them.

However, the reality is this is one of the longest and well known scams on the internet. One of the first things you have to do is pay money to get a starter kit. These starter kits can cost up to £50 on some sites. They are supposed to provide you with a list of your potential employers and all the information you require to get started.

Once you receive the starter kit it soon becomes apparent that there are in fact no potential employers at all. It soon develops into a pyramid scheme where you have to convince other people to sign up to the starter kit and you receive commission on every person you sign up.

With technology today most envelopes sent out on a mass scale are packed by machine, eliminating labour costs and human error. Even if by some miracle you start earning money on a commission basis, they have hidden fees such as "processing fees" which can take up to 10% of your earnings.

The Federal Trade Commission in America has classified these types of opportunities as a scam. There is no doubt that while these companies claim to offer you lucrative earnings, they are in fact just glorified pyramid schemes. It all goes back to the old saying "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is".

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