Applying for Middle East jobs

In other parts of the world, people are searching for Middle East jobs mainly because they offer better pay and greater career opportunities. In the UK, however, some people prefer to work in the Middle East as a way of seeking adventure and discovering new places.


Guardian, one of the country’s well-known publications, offers a list of the latest jobs in this region on their Jobs section. Guardian also offers a free career review as a part of its partnership with personal career management.


This, on the other hand, is an example of a recruitment website that can offer you the best jobs in the Middle East. It also provides helpful advice about visas for the Middle East, as well as the change in lifestyle when you do arrive in the Middle East.


This is a basic job search site, only this time it specialises in recruiting executives for all industries. It features companies that have job listings on the site. Featured companies on the site include the Cumberland Building Society, Wickland Westcott, HTC and Collyer Bristow.


This site works basically like Exec Appointments, only this time it specialises in medical jobs. You can, however, narrow your search to positions based in the Middle East.


Lastly, there is the Bridgewater International Recruitment Agency, a recruitment website that specialises in placing individuals in the best jobs in this region.

When applying for Middle East jobs, do remember in the end to ask whether or not the company would assist you in gaining the necessary travel documents to work abroad.

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