Top quality microbiology jobs widely available in the UK

Microbiologists are people who study organisms so small they can't be seen by the naked eye. Using a powerful microscope, you'll study organisms such as bacteria, algae, yeasts, fungi, protozoa and viruses in microbiology jobs.

A lot of your time as a microbiologist will be spent identifying the characteristics of micro-organisms and noting their reactions to various chemicals.

Much of the work carried out by microbiologists is of critical importance to the public. They work tirelessly to prevent the spread of epidemics, food poisoning and air pollution. They're also concerned with the quality of the public's water supply.

Special equipment is necessary for this type of work. Some of the instruments that you'll use daily in your job as a microbiologist are electron microscopes, centrifuges, glass tubes, slides, and powerful computers.

Microbiology jobs are available in an array of different areas. Many microbiologists are employed by universities, where they split their time between research and teaching. Government agencies and medical centres also employ large numbers of microbiologists. And there are several large private sector companies that require their services.

An extremely high level of educational achievement is required for the top microbiology jobs. A doctorate in microbiology will be expected for almost every position with a university. It's possible to successfully secure some positions with a bachelor's degree, but they will be mainly technician and assistant roles.

Microbiologists can expect to earn excellent salaries. Average salaries in the industry in 2010 were £45k. Salaries for technicians and assistants usually begin around the £30k mark.

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