The best post-graduate programs for a microbiology graduate

As a microbiology graduate, you may be considering continuing your education and going on to do post-graduate work. Luckily, the UK has a number of excellent microbiology post-graduate programs - so good, in fact, students from all over the world enrol in them. These three are some of the country's best.

University of Aberdeen Environmental Microbiology

If, as a general microbiology graduate, you'd like to specialise in environmental microbiology, one of the best schools in the UK to do so is in Aberdeen, Scotland. Their MSc degree in Environmental Microbiology is perfect for students who have a background in the subject, as well as for those who don't but want to try something new.

At the University of Aberdeen, the full-time post-graduate degree consists of two terms of classes, followed by a four-month research project. You'll cover subjects like research skills, molecular biology basics and remediation. The program is also eligible for funding through the PSAS (Postgraduate Students Allowance Scheme).

For more information and to request an application package, check out the university's website - abdn.ac.uk/prospectus/pgrad/study/taught.php?code=env_micro

University of Surrey Medical Microbiology

If getting into the medical field is more to your liking, the University of Surrey has a microbiology post-graduate program that can be done on a full-time or part-time basis.

You'll study viral infections, immunology, microbial genetics, and laboratory skills, among a host of other subjects.

A second class honours degree is requested, but other professional experience will be taken into account during the application process.

You can use a medical microbiology degree from the University of Surrey for jobs as a clinician, researcher or even as veterinary laboratory personnel.

Get an application packet at the University of Surrey's website - surrey.ac.uk/fhms/study/Postgraduate/msc_medical_microbiology.htm

Queen Mary, University of London Clinical Microbiology

One of the UK's most intensive post-graduate courses is offered at Queen Mary, University of London. A post-graduate degree in clinical microbiology, it offers instruction in clinical microbiology and pathogens, molecular biology, public health and communicable diseases, diagnosis and management of diseases, and laboratory management.

The course is available for part-time and full-time students, and takes one year on a full-time basis, and two years if you choose to study part-time.

Get more information at Queen Mary's website, along with all requirements - qmul.ac.uk/courses/courses.php?article_id=349course_id=314&dept_id=17

Checking out your options

Don't forget, if you're a microbiology graduate and still not sure what specialisation you'd like to pursue, all these universities offer short courses in a variety of subjects. You can get a feel for the university and its programs, take a few classes, and decide if that particular course of study is for you, or if another would suit you better.

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