MET careers - a rewarding position within the community

The word "police" is recognised world wide but its origins are from the UK.

Prior to the 1800s policing was often left to the Sheriff or Lord of an area. Bodies of paid men from local guilds and the local Justice of the peace would ensure local order was maintained.

This traditional way of operating stemmed from the Saxon's feudal system and lasted until 1829 when Sir Robert Peel, Home Secretary of the UK at the time, formed the first Metropolitan Police Act. This act was passed and the brand new  Metropolitan Police Force was established in the London area.

This new police force superseded the local watch in the London area but the City of London itself was not included in their area of responsibility.

In this Metropolitan Police District there still remained forces of men outside the control of the Metropolitan Police Office including the river police and the historically famous Bow Street "runners" and mounted patrols.

By 1839 all these forces had been assimilated into the Metropolitan Police Force and the City of London Police was formed in Scotland yard that still exists today.

MET careers can be found on the METpolicecareers.co.uk, the official website for the Metropolitan Police force.

Candidates must be EU or Swiss citizens or have a working visa with at least 18 months remaining at the time of application. Candidates will be expected to pass medical fitness and eye sight test.

Remember that all candidates will be vetted for eligibility but previous criminal convictions do not necessarily mean rejection.

Currently the MET is not recruiting but this policy is subject to change without notice. Potential candidates should keep an eye on the website for updates.

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