Find mental health social worker jobs

Different Areas You Can Work In

Although a great deal of mental health social worker jobs have many similar themes, there are still several different areas in which you can train and specialise.

Deciding which route you should pursue can present a great challenge, as there are several areas of the mental health and social work professions that can be appealing.

Some social workers elect to work with the National Probation Service, for example, assessing and helping offenders and criminals rehabilitate and regain their place in society.

Other mental health social worker jobs allow you to help the mentally ill children, their families and friends to ensure they live as normal and enjoyable a life as possible.

Furthermore, you can elect to perform social work helping people who have substance abuse problems or gambling addictions, for example.

Before you start your job search, you should read about and gain work experience in different social work fields to help you decide which path is right for you.

Finding Social Work Jobs

Many social work departments and organisations in the United Kingdom are either government run or government assisted.

As such, the best place to find information and current social work vacancies is Gscc.org.uk (the General Social Care Council website), Skillsforcare.org.uk and Basw.co.uk/social-work-careers (the British Association of Social Workers).

Candidates who already possess a full social work qualification, however, can also find mental health and social worker jobs on websites such as Communitycare.co.uk/jobs, Britishsocialworkjobs.com and Jobsinsocialwork.co.uk.

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