Finding a mental health job

It is amazing the number of openings available to those willing to take a mental health job. Perhaps due to the stigma that has been attached to mental disease in the recent past, many qualified medical practitioners may not be inclined towards a career there. However, you need to view it as an opportunity for career growth. It also rewards quite handsomely. Medical and paramedical students should seriously consider a career in mental health.

Areas of Employment

You don’t have to be a qualified physician to work with mental health institutions. Nurses are in equally high demand when it comes to health recruitment in the mental health sub-sector in particular. The nature of mental disease is such that the patients require more of a human touch than pills or needles. There is plenty of opportunity in both the public and private sectors of the mental health field and areas of expertise stretch even into the legal profession. Take a recent call for a Dementia and Mental Health Advocate, for example that was put out on the Guardian.

Other Recruiters

Other than the dailies, there are many other places you can find health care jobs.

Mentalhealthjobs.co.uk is one such recruiter specialising in the mental health sub-sector. Whether your area of expertise is nursing, psychology, psychiatry or management, you can use the search engine provided to find something that appeals to you. You can also view the profiles of your potential employers before you decide which one you might want to work for.

Communitycare.co.uk is another very helpful website that can link you to mental health institutions looking for hands. It is an organisation dedicated to providing social care firms with the manpower they need. Looking for a senior practitioner job? Check out a recent post for the Worcester-based Swim Social Work Team paying between £19.70 and £25 an hour. The same organisation will pay you £18 to £22 if you agree to take their social worker post. This is what you can expect from a mental health job.

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