Men's bonuses double those of women

  • Howard Lake, Flickr

When it comes to fat cat bonuses, it is the tom cats who still get most of the cream. A new study reveals that male bosses get bonuses double the size of those given to female equivalents in identical jobs. The iniquity of the bonus system is all too apparent, but now the gender prejudice is also being highlighted.

Over the course of a career a male boss can expect top-up bonuses on average worth £141,500 more than a female equivalent, according to a report by the Chartered Management Institute. As the government makes feeble attempts to address the "bonus culture", there is also a need for urgent action on the gender gap.

The "jobs for the boys" mentality is holding back Britain's employment culture. The CMI's chief executive Ann Francke said. "It's time to move this onto the mainstream management agenda," she argued. "This is about changing our approach to management to allow for greater flexibility, less masculine cultures, more emphasis on outcomes rather than time in the office and greater transparency around performance and rewards."

The pay gap perpetuates a prevailing myth that women, even top executives, are not as serious players in management as men. "In solving this issue we would actually raise the performance of organisations and the well-being of individuals at work," Francke said. "What are we waiting for?"

The minister for women and equality, Maria Miller, boasted that the government had signed 120 companies up to the Think, Act, Report scheme encouraging companies to improve the way they recruit, promote and pay women. Note, "encouraging" rather than forcing. She admitted that the report's findings were damning.

"The figures are yet another damaging example highlighting that, in the world of work, women still lose out to their male counterparts and that the playing field is far from equal," Miller said. "Changes in the workplace are happening and it's good that the pay gap is closing – but there is still more to do before we see full equality in the workplace."

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