Medical administration jobs in the UK

The first thing you need to consider if you are a practitioner seeking to move into medical administration jobs, is whether you have the managerial skills to match. Far than just dealing with patients, you will be expected to deal with doctors, nurses and other stake holders. This calls for a careful listening ear, clear communication and the ability to be a team player. You must also be a firm decision maker with the ability to argue out your case clearly.

How to Get There

You can start nurturing these qualities by undertaking new, difficult cases that will challenge you. Once you move out of your comfort zone, you will be surprised at how much you will learn, and how easily you will find yourself coping. Also try to seek mentorship from those who are already in top management. Spend time with them to learn how they deal with various issues.

Searching for the Post

There are numerous agencies, some dedicated to health recruitment, others to employers from all sectors of the economy. Most of them have an online presence; we have listed a few below.


Check the jobs section of one of UK’s most read dailies. It holds many vacancies in the medical field that are frequently updated. Here you can search for health care jobs by date they were posted, hours of work or employer type. A mental healthcare institute recently advertised on this website that they were searching for a hospital director. The post would pay up to £70,000 yearly.

The Telegraph

This is another trusted daily newspaper with many health care jobs. Be sure to check under healthcare, administration, or management positions. Recently, their website is running an ad for a unit manager for their radiology department under the medical administration jobs section.

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