Wondering where you can get media related work experience?

If you're looking to secure some media related work experience for yourself then it shouldn't be too difficult a task, but it's likely that you are going to have to move to London to secure a worthwhile post. The UK media industry is centred around the capital, so most of the jobs are there. If you're willing to move, then it will open countless doors for you in some brilliant roles. We've rounded up a few sites for you to check to secure your media work experience.

The first site is the Channel 4 site at channel4.com. Channel 4 are an extremely young company, and they have an extensive work experience page at channel4.com/4careers/work_exp.html. They take on plenty of work experience staff every year, and there's every chance you could get taken on into a paid role if you impress. If you want to work behind the camera, or even as a journalist, they will have a role for you.

A lot of media related positions are also posted up on Britain's media message board Digital Spy at digitalspy.co.uk. Digital Spy presents an insider's look at the media industry in the UK, and as such, plenty of notices about work experience opportunities pop up here before anywhere else on line, so it's well worth adding to your list of favourites.

If you're eager to break into celebrity or lifestyle writing, then Now Magazine offer up a plethora of work experience positions every year at nowmagazine.co.uk/workexperience. If the thought of cutting your teeth at the coal face of celebrity news is appealing to you, then this could be the place to check out!

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