Thousands of media jobs available

There is a wide spectrum of jobs that can be categorised as media jobs. These jobs fall into a number categories including television and radio, publishing, business information, digital media and web design.

Jobs in television include  hosts and continuity announcers, researcher, reporter, camera operator, lighting engineer, floor manager, sound recorder, scheduler, editor and producer. Major employers include the BBC, Channel 4 and ITV.

As with radio broadcasting all of these jobs are high-skilled and applicants would normally have at least a primary degree in a relevant field. Many of the jobs in radio broadcasting are similar to those for television, others include radio presenter, news director, radio advertising executive and sales personnel.

Jobs in press and publishing include writers and reporters, publishers and editors. Other types of media jobs include media planning jobs, business information jobs, conference and exhibition jobs, digital media jobs, intellectual property jobs, marketing jobs, media sales and PR jobs as well as research, insight, analysis and graduate recruitment.

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As you can see media jobs are very varied and if that is your speciality there is sure to be a job that will suit.

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