Ideas for media graduate jobs

When it comes to media graduate jobs, there a range of options available. However, media is the industry that is most popular among graduates, so competition for any vacancies can be fierce. Here are some of the best options for media graduate jobs...

  • Journalism jobs - depending on your degree, you may already be qualified to start work as a junior journalist on a local paper. Many courses are NCTJ accredited (although you don't necessarily need this qualification to start work as a journalist). If not, you may still be able to find a trainee position. Having some work experience or an internship under your belt will definitely help, as will some experience with student journalism.
  • New media jobs - many industry experts argue that the future of the media is online. New media jobs represent a great opportunity for graduates. Many of the vacancies involve writing for websites, content management and digital marketing.
  • Advertising sales - one of the easiest ways to get a start in the media industry is to work as an advertising sales executive. This involves selling advertising space in your publication - be it a newspaper, a magazine or another print publication. Online advertising works slightly differently - you'll need to learn Google Adwords and Adsense.
  • Runner jobs - if you are more interested in broadcasting, you might get a start as a runner. Runners work backstage, doing errands, greeting guests, photocopying and generally being a dogsbody. However, it is an established career path on an industry that is notoriously difficult to get into.

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