How to gain mechanical engineering work experience

Starting out as a draughtsman

You may begin your mechanical engineering work experience as a draughtsman working in a consulting engineering firm. The engineer who is your superior, designs the drawing plans. He hands you the drafts and you reproduce these on computer via AutoCAD (computer aided design). You should be able to use this software programme.

How do I qualify as a draughtsman?

You can begin right after O level and learn it on the job. Or, you can go on to study for a basic certification for two years and get a better pay. You can also skip this basic certification altogether and study for a diploma for three years (inclusive of one year in foundation studies). With the basic certification, you can complete the diploma in one year.

What are my career prospects?

You may be promoted as an assistant engineer. To be further promoted as an engineer however, you may want to test for some professional papers. Having a diploma and especially a degree, makes it easier for you to qualify for such papers. An engineer starts at 25,000 pounds per year.

Can I sign my approval on blueprints?

You can if you have passed some professional papers that qualify you to state IR before your name. Only this person can stamp and sign his approval on drawing plans. Of course, you have already checked that the designs drafted by the draughtsman are accurate; in accordance to your original drafts.

How do I fit into the construction team?

At this stage, you are known as a consultant engineer to the contractors. The contractors need to build in accordance to your drawing designs.


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