Mcvities Jobs in Manchester

Mcvities has 11 manufacturing sites across the UK, one of which is in Manchester located on Stockport Road. Mcvities job vacancies in Manchester are only available at this factory, so all vacancies will only include jobs relating to factory operations or management roles. Administration or sales vacancies are only at their offices, none of which are located in the Manchester area.


Types of Mcvities Jobs in Manchester

You can expect to find a variety of job roles in the Mcvities production factory, such as:

  • Picker/Packaging roles for products (boxing finished products or packaging biscuits).
  • Production line workers.
  • Production line team leaders (working with production control and quantity control).
  • Quality control members.
  • Delivery or transport operatives (van drivers, although this may require you to travel across the UK).
  • Management positions.



Requirements vary depending on the job role you undertake. Some jobs, such as production line jobs, will require less experience than other jobs. Van driving jobs will require a driving license and a license to drive HGV (or above) vans. Team leaders, or anyone involved in quality control, may need to be educated in a relevant area or may require extensive experience in such a position before being considered. All applicants must be motivated and work well in a team as they will rarely be working alone.



When applying for any Mcvities jobs role in Manchester you will need to have knowledge, or be willing to learn, the basics of health and safety within a working environment. Applicants must be able to diagnose problems and creatively solve any issues in their working environment. You should expect to work practically on solving problems with other team leaders and follow instructions/procedures given by management teams with great expertise and accuracy.

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