Applying for McDonalds jobs

Like most large chain companies, McDonalds uses an online website to handle its job applications. The great thing about applying for McDonalds jobs through their website is you can fill out all your personal information and apply for a number of different vacancies without having to fill the form in again; the information you provide on sign-up is normally used for most applications.

McDonalds applications and positions

You can apply for a number of McDonalds jobs through their website. All vacancies, if there are any available, will show up on the database when you do a search. Normally, the kind of positions available are as follows.

Team member positions

These are the most popular positions in the company. Normal duties include preparing meals, dealing with customers, handling cash, cleaning duties and overseeing the day to day running of the franchise. Little to no experience is required for these positions, but experience in a similar role is always an advantage.

Manager and supervisory positions

These positions will require some experience as either a manager or a supervisor. As well as performing normal team member duties, McDonalds jobs in managerial positions require you to plan the rota for all workers, liaise with members of staff, oversee operations in the franchise and ensure the needs of both the customers and your staff are met.

Graduate positions

Usually, graduate positions require you to have a degree. They'll be office based positions and normally in marketing. For more information about graduate schemes, you should go to mcdonalds.co.uk/join-the-team.

When you apply for McDonalds jobs online you'll be asked to fill out a brief application, which should include work history and qualifications. For each position you apply to, you'll receive a list of multiple choice questions to answer. Depending on the position, you'll normally be emailed a response within a two weeks.

Benefits of working for McDonalds

McDonalds jobs also come with quite a few benefits. You'll receive discount on meals within the company and receive a gracious bonus pack, depending on the position you apply for, and six weeks holiday. For team members, because the company works on a rota basis, positions are normally flexible and can be any hours per week depending on the requirements of the company.

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