Where to get masters in education

Studying for a postgraduate degree in education is a great way to improve your job prospects in the field of teaching. There are plenty of universities in the UK where you can get masters in education and you can either choose to study full-time or part time, according to your circumstances. Here are some postgraduate courses in education that you could consider.

The Department of Education at Bath University offers three main masters programmes: MA in Education, MA in Coach Education and Sports Development and MA in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. All these courses include taught classes and you will be expected to complete a dissertation.

These MA programmes have flexible structures and you can choose to study them according to your preferences. For more information about entry requirements, visit the website of the university, bath.ac.uk/education/postgraduate/ma.

The Graduate School of Education at University of Bristol offers six masters of education: Masters/Postgraduate Diploma in Education, MSc in Science & Education, MSc in TESOL, MSc in Education, Technology and Society, MSc in Educational Research and MSc Systems Learning and Leadership. All these programmes are designed to offer either initial or continuing development to people interested in becoming teachers or education specialists.

For instance, the Masters/Postgraduate Diploma in Education course includes modules such as Introduction to Educational Inquiry, Mathematics Education, Educational Leadership, Policy and Development, Counselling in Education, Psychology of Education and more. More information about fees and entry requirements is available on the website of the department, bristol.ac.uk/education.

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