Vacancies for Marks and Spencer Ireland jobs

Marks and Spencer Ireland is one of the country's leading retailers of food, home products and clothing. With over twenty stores, including major outlets in Dundrum, Liffey Valley and Blanchardstown shopping centres, Marks and Spencer Ireland jobs are widely available. The company is committed to further investment in Ireland which will provide many more jobs as more and more stores are opened.

Marks and Spencer Ireland has an excellent recruitment section on their website. You can find out all about the many jobs available from customer assistants, section managers and retail managers. Section managers take charge of a particular store area in a large store. They are responsible for coaching, motivating and inspiring their team of customer assistants to deliver a service people talk about. Managing from 5 to 25 people, they see to their team’s training needs and instil a real passion for the products with which they work.

The online Marks and Spencer job application form is very straightforward. You can check vacancies on the job page, upload your curriculum vitae, apply for jobs and Marks and Spencer Ireland will contact you when a suitable vacancy arises.

Alternatively, you can get an application form from any store in Ireland by calling in or else give them a call.

Recruitment agencies, such as Retail Human Resources plc., also recruit candidates for Marks and Spencer Ireland jobs. Jobsguide Ireland.com and Ireland Jobs 77, all have Marks and Spencer Ireland jobs advertised on their websites.

Marks and Spencer Ireland jobs offer top class working conditions.


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