2020’s Top Marketing Trends

With markets becoming increasingly global, competition is fiercer than ever. The digitisation of the economy means businesses are now competing with other companies all around the globe. It seems that digitising your marketing techniques is the only way to fight fire with fire. From utilising professional SEO services to learning about personalised advertising, this article will cover the ways that companies will be trying to gain an edge in 2020.

Personalised content

Technology is allowing us to gather more data than ever before. It's also allowing us to better use that data for advertising. Companies increasingly know more about an individual’s behaviour patterns, their likes, their dislikes and so on. It’s not just Facebook, YouTube and Instagram where this happens but any company that has a lot of user interaction.

However, YouTube, Facebook and the like don’t actually care about this information. The reason they’re developing such algorithms is because other companies – companies looking to advertise to those users – do care, as this can help them personalise their adverts.

2020 is going to be the year that social media platforms are leveraged even more for marketing purposes. Even a small local beauty salon can utilise the information that Instagram has. These platforms make it easy for any company to accurately target the right audience (such as 20- to 30-year-old females that like makeup tutorials and live in London). Businesses’ websites will also able to create bespoke landing pages depending on who the customer is. Again, the more information, the more personalised the advertising.

As you can see, the theme here is using customer data to better understand the audience. The data itself can be used in a million different ways but this decade, the potential it has for advertising will be important for most companies.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is nothing new and it isn’t going anywhere. It is the process in which you try to get your website to rank higher in the Google search results through various techniques such as incorporating certain keywords within your content.

Whilst this is nothing new, it’s constantly evolving, mostly due to Google’s constant updates in their algorithms and policies. Outsourcing your SEO work has become a key way to use this marketing technique, as it takes very experienced personnel to pull it off effectively. 2020 will see more innovative ways to leverage SEO, as well as better navigate Google's updates.

Social Media Presence

New social media platforms are constantly popping up. Tik Tok appears to be the flavour of the month, although Instagram holds the crown for being the king of engagement. Marketing departments are having to keep up with these new platforms in order to gain an influence quickly, as the platforms and their audiences are both growing exponentially.


Customer experience is and has always been vital to a company’s success. The newest way to stay on top of this is to leverage AI by creating chatbots that can answer customers’ queries automatically and instantly. Again, it’s something many choose to outsource as this technology often requires an in-house team.

2020 appears to be the decade of data and cyber presence. As new AI potential is found and more social media sites arise, marketing departments can only survive by adapting.

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