Getting work through marketing recruitment agencies in London

Job seekers should be aware that there are many benefits to using marketing recruitment agencies in London. Unlike a general recruiter, marketing job agencies know exactly what their candidates are looking for in a job.

Currently if a marketing professional signs up with a general recruiter such as Drake or Adecco, they will only be able to find a few marketing related openings. Those who choose to go with a company that is devoted to creative professionals will have more job vacancies that they can choose to apply for. For example the marketing and advertising recruitment firm Major Players currently has 467 current vacancies listed on their website majorplayers.co.uk.

Another benefit of using these agencies is that specialised firms will also be able to provide candidates with industry related temporary and freelance work. This type of work is useful to those who are looking for extra funds when applying for permanent positions. At a general agency all the temporary roles will generally be in customer services or administration.

There are several marketing recruitment agencies in London that job seekers can contact. Some of these agencies also hire people for PR, advertising and online work. Agencies that job seekers should look into include Major Players, EMR Recruitment, Spotlight Recruitment and Stop Gap.

The best way to deal with these agencies is to search their website for a suitable vacancy. The applicant can then apply for the position by sending in a copy of their CV. If the agency thinks they are suitable for the role, they will call the applicant and arrange a job interview.


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