Marketing jobs in Birmingham can prove great career choices

While the vast majority of work in the Birmingham area tend to be within the retail sector, and ever-increasing number of people are starting to look at some of the driving forces behind successful retail campaigns. In particular one only needs to look at the marketing industry in order to see just how important certain roles can be to the success of retail-based products.

In marketing jobs in Birmingham there are a number of different approaches that can be taken. Firstly there is marketing research. This is a highly specialised position that involves researching the current marketplace, as well as your competitors, and identifying the very best opportunities available for your brand among the public.

This is a very academic position, with lots of work based around statistics, figures, facts, questionnaires and much more. It certainly not for the fainthearted, nor those who didn't enjoy maths school. However if can earn you between £22,000 and £25,000 per year, which might go some way to swinging your opinion.

Alternatively you could enter the creative side of the business. In this position you will be involved in creating adverts, editorials, or branding solutions. This is certainly one for those of you who have a creative side, and a flair for the artistic.

However, these type of positions are very difficult to find given the fact that they are so desirable among creative types. Fortunately we have taken a look at some of the major marketing firms in Birmingham in order to help you build are focused job search approach;

  • Tomorrow People
  • Leaf Frog Global Media
  • Connections Medix
  • Boxado
  • The Blue Cube Communications Ltd.
  • Image Marketing Ltd.


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