Looking for marketing internships in the UK?

Applying for marketing internships in the UK is a great way to get your career off to a good start. With an internship, you'll get on-the-job training and learn secrets of the marketing industry it's simply not possible to learn in a university. Plus, with so many companies offering marketing internships nowadays, they're far easier to get.

Interntown (interntown.com) - Dedicated to just internships, Interntown has a ton of listings for marketing interns all over the UK.

You'll find marketing positions in companies as diverse as banking, investments, design, retail, the performing arts and much more. Internships are both part-time and full-time and most are paid.

You do have to pay to join the site, but for a basic fee of only $4.99 (£3.24) you get a month of searches through the site's internships database, and can apply for up to 30 internships.

studentjob.co.uk - Student Job is a site with a huge number of listings for part-time jobs and internships for students. It's free to search, to create a profile and to upload your CV, and you'll find internship listings here not publicised anywhere else.

Choose a region and a type of contract, ('internship') plus a city and Student Job will show you all the internships in the area you're interested in working in.

Internships exist in non-profit marketing, the fashion industry, travel, design, the public sector and at least 50 other business sectors. Most internships are paid and some even offer additional benefits like paid public holidays and free training.

placement-uk.com - Placement UK places European students in internship programs throughout the UK. Its goal is to afford them a good educational opportunity, great work experience and also to help improve their English language skills.

Placement UK places interns in one of several hundred companies, and also works with more than 1,800 universities and business schools in Europe, so you're sure to get an internship that's targeted to your course of study and your skills.

Placements are all year round too, so you don't have to wait till your university holidays to get an internship in the UK. Start now.


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