How to benefit from marketing graduate schemes

Marketing graduate schemes are basically guides you will find online providing career advice for marketing graduates.

Choose the Right Guide or Scheme

Do not just trust any kind of scheme or guide you find online. You need to make sure at least that the guide has been prepared by marketing professionals with relevant years of work experience to offer.

Remember: It’s Just a Guide!

A guide is meant to provide advice, but all the decision-making will still be up to you. If one of the tips you have found in the guide does not feel right, then don’t do it. That does not mean the guide is completely ineffective. It only means that parts of the guide are unsuitable for you.

Take Your Time in Making Up Your Mind

It is best not to let the pressure get to you and just concentrate on finding a position that you know you will enjoy. Although a nice salary will always be great, finding a job that will help you learn the ropes more effectively should be your top priority.

Where to Find the Best Jobs

Marketing graduate schemes typically end with suggestions on which marketing positions you should aim for first. If you already know what job you are likely to enjoy the most, you can start looking for them on sites like simplymarketingjobs.co.uk. This site recommends London vacancies for those searching for the highest-paying jobs. Even if you are just an account manager, you can earn as much as £30k plus bonus. At graduate-jobs.com, SEO graduates are led to expect wages of around £15k to £17k plus allowance.

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