Interested in market stall hire in London?

If you think that market stall hire in London might be for you, this guide will give you the basic know how you need to get the wheels in motion. Market stalls represent an excellent way to kick start a new business venture, sell some home made products, or even get rid of some of the clutter around your home.

Location, Location, Location

There are numerous places to find market stall space for hire in London these days, and depending on the goods or services you're offering, there's certainly plenty of earning potential to be found!

Before you start planning your ideal retail space, however, it's worth doing a little research into the various markets found across the city.

Old Spitalfields Market

One of the most popular and varied markets in London is the Old Spitalfields Market, found at 16 Horner Square in Spitalfields, around five minutes' walk from Liverpool Street Station.

Open seven days a week, plays host to countless traders, retailers and service providers, with each day featuring a different theme. Sunday through Wednesday features general market stalls, with Thursday ideal for anyone dealing in antiques or vintage materials. Friday is fashion and art day, while Saturday features a different theme each week.

Prices for 2m x 2m metal stalls including a 2m x 1m wooden table top range from £20 per day (Monday to Wednesday) to £80 per day (for casual traders on Sundays), and you can register your interest for more information by checking out www.oldspitalfieldsmarket.com or calling 0207 247 8556. Anyone interested in taking part in the antiques and vintage market on Thursdays needs get in touch directly for rates.

Camden Market

Camden Market is synonymous with the market trade in London, and it's the fourth most frequented tourist attraction in the city of London.

Unlike Old Spitalfields Market, the various areas of Camden Market are not all under the same management, so finding out rates in advance can prove tricky at times. Typically, though, prospective traders can usually turn up first thing in the morning and rent a stall on the day - which is a great way to figure out whether or not market stall hire in London is for you.

You'll find the contact information you need by checking out www.camdenlock.net.

Other Options

There are dozens of other places offering market stall hire in London every week, with rental fees varying wildly. Usually, though, it pays to stick to the bigger, best known markets to ensure that you're getting the most exposure.

Before you commit to renting a stall, even if only for a day, be sure you know exactly what you need it for, and try to offer something original or unique that won't get lost in the hustle and bustle of the market.

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