Where to find marine jobs in Australia

If you are looking for marine jobs in Australia then these are the sites to try;


Watercrew (watercrew.com.au) is a site that has partnered up with Australia's marine industry associations.

They bring to you the most comprehensive and current marine resource for all your job needs.

If you're in a rush you can use the quick search option on the left hand side of their main page to search for available jobs. All you have to do is choose job type and location and off you go!

Or select the Latest 10 jobs listed to ensure you are seeing the most current listings out there.

The site lists jobs applicable to the marine industry on or off land.

Sign up as a job seeker and join the community of 5000 already registered members.

Check out their testimonials page for comments from real life people who have benefited thanks to Watercrew's services.

Oil Careers

Oil Careers (oilcareers.com) specialises in careers relating to the oil and gas industry.

You can use their job section to preview all available listings for marine jobs in Australia.

With huge range if results you can choose from jobs such as;

  • Marine technical advisor
  • Port captain
  • Marine pilot
  • Subsea engineer
  • Barge operator
  • Plus many many more...

The job listings show you all the information you need to know, the location, the type, the details and the listings closing date.

You can apply directly through the site by signing up to become a candidate. This will allow you access to all the most relevant jobs and their contact details.

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