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  • We take a look at jobs in the construction industry

    We take a look at jobs in the construction industry

    The construction industry has been hit hard in recent times as one of the first and most lasting casualties of the recession, but tiny shoots of recovery are there

  • Jobs Abroad

    Jobs Abroad

    Since the credit crunch has hit, many people are starting to look overseas for work - if you're thinking of trying this for yourself here's a great website to get you going...

  • Work From Home

    Work From Home

    If you're looking to keep your head above water in this current credit crunch then why not think about working from home in your spare time - there's a lot of extra cash to be made!

  • Part-time Jobs

    Part-time Jobs

    Don't be down this year because of the nasty old credit crunch, beat the misery of being cash free with a handy part-time job - here's where to get one sorted...

  • Going against the flow and looking for a job in banking?

    Going against the flow and looking for a job in banking?

    Banking may not have been the most popular sector to look for work in recent times but things seem to be picking up so your timing could be spot on.

  • Construction jobs

    Construction jobs

    Construction is an exciting and challenging industry with many opportunities open to those interested in getting involved and with the summer coming back, working outdoors gets a lot more appealing.

  • Electrician jobs available

    Electrician jobs available

    Electricians are in demand, there are simply thousands of vacancies for skilled electricians across the UK and further afield, that need to be filled immediately if not sooner.

  • Thousands of marketing jobs available

    Thousands of marketing jobs available

    Have you ever been told you could sell sand to the Arabs or ice to the Eskimos? If you have then a marketing job could be perfect for you and there are no shortage of vacancies either.

  • Liverpool jobs

    Liverpool jobs

    Liverpool is a city where dreams can come true and with a huge amount of job vacancies it is seriously worth considering if you're job hunting, rumour has it they're even looking for someone to mow the grass at Anfield!

  • Many Manchester jobs available

    Many Manchester jobs available

    Can't believe the top dogs at Man City didn't come looking for you and instead went for that Italian geezer Mancini? Don't be too disappointed because there are many more jobs available in Manchester right now.

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